The important to choose memory card for dash cam

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When a lot of people to buy vehicle traveling data recorder in the first time, may not be considered the memory card problems, of which there are a lot of people, even the recorder must be equipped with a memory card to use all don't know. Vehicle traveling data recorder memory card is equivalent to the human brain, the recorder of almost all need to be equipped with a memory card can be used. The general purchase vehicle traveling data recorder are not built-in memory card, if careful businesses may remind purchase or as a memory card, so we need not own and then consider how to choose the vehicle traveling data recorder memory card.

But if the merchant did not give or tell what to buy a card, we need to buy, many users tend to purchase a memory card found running recorder cannot write or write after scene, is unable to read the data, which is due to the use of the vehicle traveling data recorder is not compatible memory card to. Now most of the driving recorder on the market are using TF, SD or SDHC card, first we have a look these three cards have what distinction.

TF 1, formerly known as Trans-flashCard, by the end of 2004 officially changed its name to MicroSDCard, by SanDisk (SanDisk) Company invention creation. Before MicroSD available, mobile phone manufacturers are using embedded memory, although this kind of module is easy to install, however has not actual should trouble - capacity trend demand is trapped, unable to have to upgrade the space. TF card but why we buy on the word "MicroSD", that is because although the name changed, but people on weekdays or in the used to call it the TF card.

2, the SD card full name is SecureDigital, Chinese translation for secure digital card.

Is a flash memory card standard, it is widely used in portable devices, such as digital cameras, personal digital assistant (PDA) and multimedia player. It follows the SD1.0/1.1 specification, the SD1.1 specification provides the SD card using FAT12 and FAT16 file system, conform to the maximum SD1.1 specification only SD cards up to 2G capacity. 3, SDHC is the abbreviation of "SecureDigitalHighCapacity", namely "high capacity SD memory card".

SDHC is the upgrade version of the SD card.

It follows the SD2.0 specification, using the FAT32 file system, which makes the SDHC card can achieve maximum capacity of 32G. Because the two kinds of memory card file system is different, leading to different maximum capacity card. Vehicle traveling data recorder memory card is generally divided into ordinary cards and card in high speed, the current memory card performance is divided into several grades, different grades to meet different use requirements.

Class0: is also known as the C0 card, including Class2 and unlabeled Speedclass; Class2: also known as the C2 card, can satisfy the watching ordinary MPEG4 film and digital cameras; Class4: General for vehicle traveling data recorder special card; Class6: generally applicable to the SLR camera; Class10:

Generally applicable to the card speed in pursuit of the perfect doctrine, meet the high speed memory needs. The transmission speed is respectively: Class10>Class6>Class4>Class2>Class0, we in the daily life of the common cards for C4, C6, C10 card, respectively representing random write for 4MB/s, 6MB/s, 10MB/s, high speed card will make the vehicle traveling data recorder runs smoothly.

1, if you are driving recorder 480P, TF card can use the most general;

2, if it is 720P machine, use the C4 high speed card enough;

3, if the 1080P machine, be sure to use more than C6 of memory card;

4, if you want to have more smooth results it is recommended that you use the C10 memory card.

As long as the recorder of the memory card capacity size does not exceed the carrying amount of equipment, you can choose according to their own actual conditions to.

Under normal circumstances, vehicle traveling data recorder for a minute about the generation of 100MB video files, below we look at the relationship between capacity and shooting time. The vehicle traveling data recorder memory card is not necessary to the pursuit of high capacity, as long as enough on the line. Because most of the driving recorder with cyclic shooting ability, circular shooting time the best settings for a few minutes, because time is too long, a record later on the front of the file cover, very easy to affect a long document, if the time is too short, look for records is very troublesome. TF card and SD card performance is basically similar, but the volume difference, we try to select the cache larger TF card or SD card in the choice of when, this video is more smooth, more compatible, important is not leak seconds.